We complete US…

It is not the easiest task really, to write down my thoughts about YOU… yet, in my heart there is a list of events I have lived out with you… and now I choose to share them with the world. They know of you as someone they’d like to BE LIKE… and all I would like to share  with them… Is the someone … I KNOW YOU ARE!!

I’ve been told that couples like us don’t exist… YET… here WE are!! Two very distinctly different personalities… professionally… yet when it comes down to OUR STORY… we’re a fairytale… private and perfect… ONE!!

You have a way with me… it amazes me, how you notice even the tiniest changes in thought and direction. You find ways to remind me that I am not alone, even when you’re not with me. I love how we communicate… in so many different ways. I love how we can be so far apart, right now, and still, as I write this… I can feel the thought of US resonating in your mind, willing, wishing, wanting the same dream. The message on the phone… says “Me too” … and that says it all!!

It’s time to move out of one meeting and get into another, so many people around you, so many different voices… still… you hear my heartbeat… you know I am missing you and you want me to know that you know… that even through your busy schedule… you always have time to be US. I see how people look at you in awe… and I am blessed that you look only at me… with that same awe… that the whole world waits for you to acknowledge them… and I have a special cut the queue card… that has your complete attention, in thought word and deed.

I love waking up before you… I love watching you sleep… you’re like a baby, so angelic… so beautiful!! Each day, is a blessing… I get to thank God before you wake up… for the most wonderful man in the whole wide world… my man. When you wake up… I’ll thank God through you… for with you… most of my sentences right through the day… are either, “Thank you” or “I love the way you love me”.

I had only THOUGHT of happiness this way, you showed me it’s possible. I did not realise, that this is what I really wanted till I met you… I am blessed!! I am glad I met you when I did… I am glad you found a way to walk in and stay. I am blessed that you

You make my dreams come alive… by simply giving me the space and encouragement I need to freely create, knowing there is ONE person who will be there, even when the stress is high and the going gets tough… whispering in my ears “Baby, I am so proud of you. I love the way our life is together. You make me shine brighter with pride”. I am grateful for the love you have given me so gently and so freely, never realised, when “stress” like I once knew it… dissolved into this confident knowing that all things are RIGHT and they always were. I love how we have learnt to balance out our work stress with love. No work stress can stand trial when the two of us have decided that we have US to take care of… I love how, we, plan OUR TIME in the midst of what the world sees as a high stress time for our businesses… finding “our hours” to relax. We are blessed!!

I can’t remember the time when long days were tiresome or stressful. With you each day has become a celebration of being alive and together. We both have 12 hour days, yet they melt away… knowing that we have US to come back too!! That, when we are together… nothing else matters!!

We are adventurous… aren’t we Winking smile we’ve found ways to make every outing our first date… love how we keep finding new ways to surprise each other. I learnt this from you… now it feels like I could almost live a surprise by the hour life. You make it easy to surprise you… and I know how you look each day… for a note, a letter, a message, a new word, a sentence, a picture or a meal that reminds you of how special you are to US. That WE are not possible without YOU.

Thank you baby, for all the little things you do for me… to keep me surprised all the time. I cherish each day with you and I know that WE are a special gift, to each other.

I am smiling now… just remembered how OUR weekends are… love how you love cooking for me and pampering me till I feel like a brat again. Nothing matters more than our together time. I absolutely adore the fact, that you made us take a massage therapy class together… to create together time. I remember, how I felt it was a silly idea. Then I remember that weekend surprise, when we went camping together… riding was fun, the climbing was tiresome… the finale of the evening brilliant… the campsite… dinner… the relaxing massage… suddenly… the lessons made sense Winking smile  ha ha ha… love how you make things happen… you’re a package deal sweetheart… and I am the luckiest woman in the world.

Our time together… is a brilliant rainbow… when light and water conspire… the rainbow is inevitable!! Open-mouthed smile

We are proof, that fairytales exist…


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