“I love you”… 10 ways to LIVE it!!

I love you… the words we love to hear… however, don’t really know how to use it to feel it Winking smile The most common word used in a relationship… yet the most often abused 3 words ever. I love you… sounds so beautiful to the ear… and feels so beautiful to the heart and makes a rainbow appear in the scenic visual of the mind. Then, when the rainbow fades… and reality strikes… love flies out of the window.

In my own quest with love… as I looked back on my historic relationships Winking smile … the “peak-plateau-valley”… it is astonishing how… the “birth-life-death”  cycle of “I Love You”… in each phase, the meaning changed and the magnificent relationship changed too… I Love you became three words!

So, we decided to create a whole new way to say I Love You and truly feel it Winking smile with each other. We had to say “I Love You” a million times over… to create a mammoth painting of all that “I Love You” could possibly mean within and around our relationship. What was first such a pressure on poor the poor “I” who “loves” the “YOU”, became a relationship builder. We realised for us to sustain the thrill and excitement with each other, we needed to expand LOVE to everything we love. So, we began with making a list for the love game, beginning with ourselves… 1o parallel lists about things we loved…

1) 10 things I love about ME

2) 10 things I love about YOU

3) 1o things I love about WE

4) 10 things I love about our LIFE

5) 10 things I love about our family (just ours and extended)

6) 10 things I love about my work

7) 10 things I love about your work (this is the hard one… yet… to love your partner enough, you have find ways to appreciate what he does and understand most, why he does it Winking smile and learn to love him with his work)

8) 10 things I love from our memories since the day we met

9) 10 things I can learn to love about you (this is the fun one, you realise, that your partner does have faults, but when you look on the faults with love… you’ll learn to love him with the flaws intact)

10) 10 things I’d love to do together with you (the happiest part to work with and so the last Winking smile.

LOVE is only complete when we understand HOW love DOES complete. If you were to remove LOVE from COMPLETE… you’d be left with COMP_ETE… COMPETE!!

Don’t try and fill up all the lists on ONE day… it can be quite a task Winking smile Each day, spend an hour together, filling up ONE CATEGORY… will all the LOVE you have and in 10 days, you’ll each have 100 ways to LIVE this love… a 100 new ways to stay in love and 20 experiences to plan together.

Another interesting thing to do… well, as part of number 10… is to keep striking off the the achieved… and adding it up. I can promise you, WEAKends, WEAKdays and WEAK moments will be a thing of the past!! Winking smile



Give a MINUTE today

60 seconds is all it takes to say THANK YOU for being YOU.

There will always be 23hrs 59minutes to do everything else that keeps you “ON YOUR TOES”, physically, personally and professionally.

These 60 seconds has the potential to CHANGE everything… FOREVER. It’s an invitation to invest in Gratitude, all that is YOU are or ever want to be!!

This is HOW my life changed… Yours can too!!

Trying to make sense of the way to each other, has been fun, we’ve come across many “I” challenges to meet at “WE”.

Our story, is as fascinating as US… or as fascinated by us… should I say Winking smile. Me, well, I am the dreamer of the WE… reaching out… taking risks, fallen- in love and jumped out of it Winking smile Made some pretty impulsive decisions. Hadn’t been able to see, beyond family and their needs, always felt that I needed to “proverbially” please… so, here is a woman, accomplished… yet searching, for approval, yet, not very open to “Receiving Approval” Winking smile . The mind has always been a laboratory… analysis, paralysis and stocking up the experiences, knowing, that someday, when the time is right, they will all produce results… till my HEART, MIND, BODY and SOUL… were just too tired… had accumulated… so much that it began WEIGHING me down. I almost…  almost wanted to walk away from everything, everyone, retire into oblivion and stay there… that was the only place I knew… NOTHING!! Life wasn’t getting easier, always felt, something, someone, somewhere, was missing.

My stories, were about longing for someone out of me to notice I existed, I needed, I wanted and I desired to be wanted by someone who would make me feel special… fill in the void… love me. I looked for wholeness and happiness and a sense of security… I was looking toward, family, friends, partners, associates to provide the comfort of being approved… till one fine day… just before I broke down deep enough to want to lash out of the world… crying VICTIM… I felt a flash of genius rush through my head… damn.. I felt silly… a little stupid… and pretty exhausted… and … I giggled to no end when I realised,

“I” was missing… from my own life.

My history fascinated me… most of my decisions were based on people, situations, circumstances, what if’s and if not’s Winking smile … that drew me to scramble away… trying to make everyone happy. Listening to THEIR STORIES… living their lives, loving their lives, wanting their lives, solving their problems, wanting what’s best for them, teaching them… trying to live my life THROUGH THEM… ha ha ha… exhausting and exhaustive.

I realised, I had escaped the frying pan… of “I” and jumped straight into the fire with “THEIR LIVES”… I kept feeling a deep sense of GUILT… for letting GO… meant… they had to LIVE THEIR LIVES… just like I now had to LEARN TO LIVE MINE. One of the most difficult decisions to take is to say “NO” to “THEIR LIVES” and say “YES” to mine.

So, I took it ONE “I” day at a time… I started talking about what “I wanted for me”… and I was fascinated at the phenomenal scale up in energy… it’s like, my mind, my body, my heart and my soul… were celebrating “TO-GET-HER” attention. Loved it… that’s where the magic began… I began to ASK of ME what I wanted for me… and here’s the first 5:

1) I need to accept I needed “I” time… that “WE” (I, my heart, my body, my mind and my soul) could begin working together!!

2) I needed to KNOW that WE wanted, as one… so we could begin… take the proverbial, “first step” together… and the answer was : Dreams. So I left all my Excuses of 31 years… to begin my journey… I quit my job… listened to myself… and did nothing… till WE inspired a “book” and WE instructed the how and why and where and when of it Winking smile The only job “I” have now… is to follow what “we” says. I needed to ALLOW … the RISK to evolve with “WE” so, I had to let all the “THEIR LIVES” lessons be handed straight back to “THEIR LIVES” so that “MY LIFE” could begin… I had to ACCEPT, that GUILT would often command me to take a step back… then again… WE commanded I stay obedient long enough to make to allow WE to adjust into the new role Winking smile So, “I” backed off… from “their lives” and began observing how “we” worked… and since… have not really had to work at all… WE already has everything perfectly planned… positioned… to MANIFEST Winking smile 

4) We wrote our first book, We launched our first business, we sang our first BIG SONG, we shared of our life through our blog, we began a foundation, created an initiative,  for people to reach their personal potential… just like we, realised we had now begun to materialise… with life experiences and completed the closures I needed with my past… learnt to love the lessons and release the people, the situations and the effects. Winking smile.  I moved into a happier place with “WE” and it has now become ME!! I have lived more of my life in 4 years of being “WE”, than I lived in 31 years of being “THEIR LIVES”. I began to experience more CONFIDENCE in my own decisions and EMPOWERED and ENTHUSIASTIC view of the world and a deep sense of Gratitude for every experience, of my life… through “WE” … I see everything in awe… I see the good that IS and the bad as IS and the OFFERING OF LIGHT IN WORSHIP. That all that is created just IS till we try to define or put them in BUCKETS of GOOD, BAD or “DO I CARE Winking smile

5) I needed to LIVE the “WE”… with another human being. He who is the personification, the physical completion of the WE, my soul mate… my partner, my prince, my friend, my husband, the father of my children, my extended ME… How beautiful… to now know, that HE IS, just as ready for WE as I am. For in our WE… is the holy coming together of … 2 “I’s”, 2 Hearts 2 bodies, 2 minds, 2 souls as ONE!! NOW complete… in this MOMENT!!!

Life, is a series… of incidents, of circumstances, of decisions… that “I” make an event of… called WE Smile 

We complete US…

It is not the easiest task really, to write down my thoughts about YOU… yet, in my heart there is a list of events I have lived out with you… and now I choose to share them with the world. They know of you as someone they’d like to BE LIKE… and all I would like to share  with them… Is the someone … I KNOW YOU ARE!!

I’ve been told that couples like us don’t exist… YET… here WE are!! Two very distinctly different personalities… professionally… yet when it comes down to OUR STORY… we’re a fairytale… private and perfect… ONE!!

You have a way with me… it amazes me, how you notice even the tiniest changes in thought and direction. You find ways to remind me that I am not alone, even when you’re not with me. I love how we communicate… in so many different ways. I love how we can be so far apart, right now, and still, as I write this… I can feel the thought of US resonating in your mind, willing, wishing, wanting the same dream. The message on the phone… says “Me too” … and that says it all!!

It’s time to move out of one meeting and get into another, so many people around you, so many different voices… still… you hear my heartbeat… you know I am missing you and you want me to know that you know… that even through your busy schedule… you always have time to be US. I see how people look at you in awe… and I am blessed that you look only at me… with that same awe… that the whole world waits for you to acknowledge them… and I have a special cut the queue card… that has your complete attention, in thought word and deed.

I love waking up before you… I love watching you sleep… you’re like a baby, so angelic… so beautiful!! Each day, is a blessing… I get to thank God before you wake up… for the most wonderful man in the whole wide world… my man. When you wake up… I’ll thank God through you… for with you… most of my sentences right through the day… are either, “Thank you” or “I love the way you love me”.

I had only THOUGHT of happiness this way, you showed me it’s possible. I did not realise, that this is what I really wanted till I met you… I am blessed!! I am glad I met you when I did… I am glad you found a way to walk in and stay. I am blessed that you

You make my dreams come alive… by simply giving me the space and encouragement I need to freely create, knowing there is ONE person who will be there, even when the stress is high and the going gets tough… whispering in my ears “Baby, I am so proud of you. I love the way our life is together. You make me shine brighter with pride”. I am grateful for the love you have given me so gently and so freely, never realised, when “stress” like I once knew it… dissolved into this confident knowing that all things are RIGHT and they always were. I love how we have learnt to balance out our work stress with love. No work stress can stand trial when the two of us have decided that we have US to take care of… I love how, we, plan OUR TIME in the midst of what the world sees as a high stress time for our businesses… finding “our hours” to relax. We are blessed!!

I can’t remember the time when long days were tiresome or stressful. With you each day has become a celebration of being alive and together. We both have 12 hour days, yet they melt away… knowing that we have US to come back too!! That, when we are together… nothing else matters!!

We are adventurous… aren’t we Winking smile we’ve found ways to make every outing our first date… love how we keep finding new ways to surprise each other. I learnt this from you… now it feels like I could almost live a surprise by the hour life. You make it easy to surprise you… and I know how you look each day… for a note, a letter, a message, a new word, a sentence, a picture or a meal that reminds you of how special you are to US. That WE are not possible without YOU.

Thank you baby, for all the little things you do for me… to keep me surprised all the time. I cherish each day with you and I know that WE are a special gift, to each other.

I am smiling now… just remembered how OUR weekends are… love how you love cooking for me and pampering me till I feel like a brat again. Nothing matters more than our together time. I absolutely adore the fact, that you made us take a massage therapy class together… to create together time. I remember, how I felt it was a silly idea. Then I remember that weekend surprise, when we went camping together… riding was fun, the climbing was tiresome… the finale of the evening brilliant… the campsite… dinner… the relaxing massage… suddenly… the lessons made sense Winking smile  ha ha ha… love how you make things happen… you’re a package deal sweetheart… and I am the luckiest woman in the world.

Our time together… is a brilliant rainbow… when light and water conspire… the rainbow is inevitable!! Open-mouthed smile

We are proof, that fairytales exist…