Thank YOU! The most powerful words you’ll ever speak! Saying “thank you” is acknowledging the presence of “the ALL” for your-self and for the growth of the SELF you are in communication with.

Thank you fills your own heart with belonging to a greater mystery and mastery and causes the thing or person you are communicating with the same vibrational push!

Say THANK YOU often enough to feel it!

#soulmate: Gratitude and abundance

The Angels have been teaching me something important… I have been seeking my soulmate… read as extensively (as I could) about the SIGNS and the significance and made a possible list of all the people I know who in their own way… or the way in which I see them (or choose to see them). Each person be-came an expectation and every expectation came with “he is- he is not” the comparison killed the thrill and I was back at square ONE… “how do I know who my soulmate IS?” and this time… I chose to ASK the angels… instead of wasting time on the mind game… which I understood is part HUMAN because the immediate thoughts of SOULMATE were pretty human and the comparison was human, the expectations were human and yes the disappointment was human too Winking smile

Here’s what the angels made me understand:

Remember, YOU are a vibration. You are here in the human form to discover the reality of who YOU really are and begin your Divine Purpose by working WITH the vibration that comes most naturally to YOU.

Therefore, WE would like for you to understand that YOU are your vibration eternally and in the flesh you are called to BE your vibration. So, every lesson will guide you to your vibration. Your greatest human success is deep rooted in the Vibration of who you are eternally. THINK of the moments that have changed your path and created who you have be-come to be in the flesh. Find the ONE word that best describes YOU.

What are you most drawn to? What is it that fills you with passion? What one “feeling” makes you lighten and brighten your life and the lives of others around you? What are your favourite conversations about? When have you felt at your highest potential? What do your memories make you feel? What is the VIBRATION in which you make magic happen? When you find your word and focus your conscious attention on HOW it has worked for you, connect the dots… feel the power shift within you and align you with who you really are eternally!

My word, I discovered, for as long as my memory serves me and I have served the human being I am and the human beings that surround me… is “GRATITUDE”.

The natural progression to finding my vibration was the vibration that matches my being most… ABUNDANCE… was the answer I got…. when I asked Gratitude what was the ONE aspect that most elevates the energy of Gratitude… what is it that Gratitude quite naturally makes ME experience… and how does it feel when I am filled and flowing with Gratitude? All… the answers were “abundance” “abundant” and today… I begin a brand new journey… feeling… deep Gratitude for Abundance… a new journey!

Will keep you posted on how the two of us are doing… the excitement… well… is seeing with new “I’s” or “eyes” my soulmate and best vibrational  feeling… Abundance.

WE wish you your word and SOULMATE essence! Gratitude & Abundance Open-mouthed smile

Salvation of the Cross!

The offering of light in worship, given a sign. Mark, the crow, the oceanic splendour… the Angel was at the Bar… and signalled the heavenly beginning, I didn’t know it was a sign. I just knew that there was a reason beyond my understanding… The echo of the soul… as the Ocean began to hit against the shore… The angel, saw the sign and knew that this must be the chosen one, the one to befriend… and Salvation was to meet the light and a new future was to begin…

B52 shots, the announcement of the beginning, the spirit of God made flesh, celebrated! A pause, to remember the very moment that it all began… from and where it really began! It all makes sense… the Angel Toasted to the moment… and in that moment all of creation celebrated the UNION of Salvation and Light… when they meet… Light of the Cross and Salvation of the cross… announced and toasted by the Angel of the cross…

as I came home… I cried… dear God help me!… I knew a part of me had to move on… my focus on the SIGN and my heart longing Salvation. I had a choice to make… I had no confidence in myself… so I chose : Confidence in God!


The Secret of Breathing patterns…

“When you only EXHALE or focus on exhaling (give) or only inhaling (receive), you become out of rhythm with the universe”


Interesting, that I should’ve focused most on this sentence in the entire reading… What I did have on my mind is a desire to quit smoking, I have received messages from many sources, including the colour of my teeth that smoking is “pain” for me and yet, I find myself reaching for a cigarette before or after or during significant moments of my day.

If I am to take responsibility I need to release it and to release it, like always, I needed inspiration or maybe, the truth of why it is “important” to me! When I drew the card from “Daily Guidance from your ANGELS” by Doreen Virtue!

In addition we’d like you to know that there YOU have been asking for the why of the cigarettes and your holding on to them even though you do understand that they are keeping you blocked from your Divine Receiving of YOU!

For most parts, even when you are meditating, you spend more time exhaling or focusing on the release, the giving of your energy. This has also been a pattern of your life, that has kept you from RECEIVING. Now, in response to your asking for In-Sight… begin, to focus more on inhaling… count 9 while inhaling and exhale in 3!! This will begin YOUR receiving at an energy level. Here are some of the positives of focusing on IN-haling for longer periods (with focus) :

      • Receiving more oxigen into your lungs, clearing the energy blocks within your body
      • Allowing GOD to work within you
      • Opening your lungs to RECEIVING LIFE MESSAGES and DIVINE COMFORT
      • Working with your INNER CHILD, HIGHER SELF

The key Message, which is also our response to your question, CIGARETTES represent external stimulation to INHALE or receive and give. To look at it positively and allow yourself the lesson it intended to bring to you about RECEIVING now, delivered to you. YOU are called through the powerful intervention of your asking to understand “Cigarette” and your personal story of success and now make a choice… to RECEIVE… more focused on the FREE AIR… God’s PRESENCE… or SIMPLY… your BODY’s way of ALLOWING you to receive.

Cigarettes… the lesson you can choose to ACKNOWLEDGE :

  • Cigarettes, were your way of being accepted by your younger sisters. You made a choice to smoke to prove to them that if you expect them to do what you tell them is right for them, you are willing to do something that was right according to them! Ha ha ha… you made that choice as a child. Now that you are all grown up and more aware, you can choose to simply release any need to “prove”  or need their approval. Knowingly or unknowingly, cigarette smoking was also in your “innocent” mind, a sense of being grown up enough to make a decision.
  • We want you to know that there is a SPIRITUAL why of your smoking too! WE noticed, that your breathing pattern wasn’t balanced, you always have exhaled more, deep breath has always been a challenge for you… to you exhaling has always been a more exciting process, while you inhale you are more bothered by the details of inhaling… more that the ACT of inhaling.
  • This shows up in your everyday life too! You are always most comfortable in GIVING, you are uncomfortable receiving… it makes  you wonder WHY, there is a slight struggle… Allow yourself to INHALE your Divine Inheritance… WE assure you that it is okay to RECEIVE everything coming your way… yes, which includes, delays, procrastination, being overwhelmed, having strong emotions, feeling claustrophobic… these are but journals on the path of reaching your Divine Destiny.
  • Smoking, well, was a divine way to allow you to practice inhale and exhale, which is why we have taken care of your lungs while you’ve been smoking, cleaning them regularly with Coughs and Colds to protect them till you were ready for the lesson.
  • We sent you many people … with messages to get you to begin seeing the lesson so you could release the “physical cigarette” and begin CONSCIOUSLY focusing on your breathing pattern. Yet, we also knew that you were a child who has chosen to follow her intuit at a very young age, and would grow into an adult who will continue to intuit for her Divine Purpose to come true…

Celebrate Giving and Receiving … with the KNOW… that your NEW alignment comes from a deeper IN-heal-Action (inhalation or RECEIVING) your DIVINE SELF and External-Heal-Action (exhalation or GIVING) of your DIVINE SELF!

Stay Tuned to the Spirit and Divine Manifest right through 2014… INGratitude –ExGratitude  to BEGratitude itself!