Divine Being…Being Divine!

Here is what the angels are telling me very clearly that the story of Being Human is a journey of 4 metaphoric and eternal steps:

Divine Being: YOU are eternally. YOU are connected vibrationally to the very SOURCE of EVERY-THING… that was… is … and ever shall BE!

Human Being: is an assignment for you to practice a new realm (physical) of vibrational being, when you begin to SEE that which you create… the first step to this level… being a “form” yourself and then creating more VISUAL realities to practice the power of co-creation. This realm is like an experiment of the power of YOU in the flesh.

Being Human: this is when you begin to Re:Member who you are and therefore you see all that is as part of you and extend your true self (Divine Being) into practice, through (Being Human) and that is when the eternal transformation begins again… you begin to see LIFE in 3 dimension… like on Earth and why you chose to be here is clear to you… in the present moment and you begin to to SEE and FEEL that it is true for ALL THAT IS created or in process of being created!

… here begins your eternal purpose… BEING DIVINE! Feeling every moment is creating from EXACTLY where you are and what you have… THE POWER TO CO-CREATE…

… it wouldn’t matter where you are or what you do… you know most certainly that you are Divinely Orchestrated Eternally!

“the AlL” love

Ever had the feeling that the angels are really the magical infinite “that” hold you up when you most fear, losing ground?

The last week has been “alone” time and I have had the pleasure to feel and hear the eternal communication of love and light within me… asking me to listen in and re:member.

The eternal support comes in the form of “thoughts” like you’ve never had before, making all that you have ever believed feel like “learning the alphabet” all over again, with a Divine Twist, this time around, the “vibration” leads you. the vibration of the “why” of “creation” and it is amazing.

When the SOURCE of who you are begins to communicate with YOU it is a given that all that you have humanly experienced begins to make sense… a lot of it hurts, not because of “outside” influence, it hurts because of the “inside” knowledge that it brings forth.

Imagine, you believe all your life that the people you love “need”  you around them, you feel responsible to keep them safe and happy,  often compromising on your own personal needs. In the connection with the Divine Love you begin to see that you chose them because your soul continually needs to give (support) not that they NEEEDED your support. You begin to NOTICE how strangely your behaviour is focused out-side of you and that all the while it really was the in-side of you that needed you the most.

Imagine, every part of you is “source” energy… every freaking cell in your body is held together by the universal force of angels… just take a moment now to soak in the view… you are a visual treat of the infinite energy… held together to be magnificently you.

This afternoon, this information was accompanied by a visual… it felt like a million angels made up the magic of the physical me. Even my eyelashes held together by angelic energy… just so that I CAN fulfill my assignment as a human being… the angelic force… is the LOVE of the ALL which sustains our BEING! All else is also part of the same divine design… how amazing!!

A miracle

We all hold on to every-thing life gives us… what happens to choices? The angels are giving me real time life lessons and it is interesting to even notice the amount of baggage I’ve been carrying!

What is amazing about feeling these “bumps” is the cleansing and focus that it is creating within me. Nothing can prepare you for a spiritual journey like “prayer” and “gratitude”… for when you bump into the baggage it is overwhelming and the “hurt” and “humility” which you experience is rare and yet in the middle of all of you… you notice that you are able to be kind to those who hurt you the most in your memories of them!

You just begin to notice How you respond to their energy… it’s a miracle!

We complete US…

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It is not the easiest task really, to write down my thoughts about YOU… yet, in my heart there is a list of events I have lived out with you… and now I choose to share them with the world. They know of you as someone they’d like to BE LIKE… and all I would like to share  with them… Is the someone … I KNOW YOU ARE!!

I’ve been told that couples like us don’t exist… YET… here WE are!! Two very distinctly different personalities… professionally… yet when it comes down to OUR STORY… we’re a fairytale… private and perfect… ONE!!

You have a way with me… it amazes me, how you notice even the tiniest changes in thought and direction. You find ways to remind me that I am not alone, even when you’re not with me. I love how we communicate… in so many different ways. I…

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